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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"How Beautiful Shines Your Glory" Demo

Jonathan Malone (my songwriting partner) and I wrote this song recently.  I finished mixing this demo recording.  
No percussion...YET         ...any ideas?

Check it out.  You can download it for free. 
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Remix it...toss in your ideas

...interested in the lyrics and/or chord chart?
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tambourine Timbres

In addition to the percussion teaching posts on
Percussion For Worship, there's video tutorials on my You Tube channel.   You'll find info on tambourine, shaker, triangle, snare drum, and more.
Here's a sample from
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Finger Shot

"Play a light shaker on the verse and then go to djembe when the chorus hits.   Oh, is there any way that you can keep the shaker going?"

You could grow any extra arm out of your stomach OR use a couple of Finger Shots from Latin Percussion.  

Like the bigger brother One Shot, the Finger Shot only produces sound on one surface. When you place the device on your finger with the elastic band (as in the photo), the shaker sound is activated with the downward motion into the drum head or any surface.  A striking surface is not even necessary...just wave your hand in rhythm! 

Play congas or bongos with a Finger Shot on each hand and there's another layer of sound right in unison with the drums.

I'm keeping a pair in my mallet case.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September Setup Of The Month


Here's a shot of a recent setup of mine.  I was laying down some 808 kick and handclap with the Handsonic 15 (while playing shaker) on that particular weekend.   The Gajate bracket with bass drum pedal is a big help when I need some backbeat tambourine while playing djembe or congas.  The trap table lives on my right side so I can access the items with my dominant hand.   I have a couple of suspended cymbals on my left so that I can play one-hand rolls while playing something more rhythmically intricate with my right.  The tambourines are at the ready on the launch pad (see posting from 4/19/10 on making a launch pad).
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Worship A King

"Worship is the soil out of which all meaningful Christian endeavors grow."
You get a lot of “heavy” in Zach Neese’s book, How To Worship A King. 

The same guy who penned “The More I Seek You” brings out his serious “author chops” to instruct, inspire, and challenge on the topic of worship.

Zach defines and clarifies the meaning of worship for the believer. 
You become more aware of your role as a priest. 
There is interesting historical perspective on various “Reformations” within Christianity 
…and you get some good anecdotes from the author.  (The rock climbing in sneakers story is quite astounding.)

One of my favorite chapters provides information on Biblical expressions of praise.  While singing, instrumental music, clapping, uplifted hands, dancing, and bowing are all addressed in the section, I was especially drawn to the section on Biblical words for praise. 
Here's #4 on Zach’s list:

Zamar: to sing and give praise while playing an instrument
…and I will sing praises (zamar)  unto thy name. 
                                                 2 Samuel 22:50 KJV
…I will sing, yea, I will sing praises (zamar) unto the Lord.                                         Psalm 27:6 KJV

Percussionists…Buy this book and get to zamar-ing!
For ordering info, go to Zach Neese’s website at

Monday, September 3, 2012

Maracas / Shaker Style

When I play maracas in a "pop" setting, I often use a shaker style method.

More tutorial videos at