Photo by Scott Pickering

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PASIC 2013

The Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC 2013) recently took place in Indianapolis, Indiana.   What an inspiring event--thousands of percussionists, an exhibit hall with amazing gear, concerts, clinics, and a great vibe!

I checked out the new Studio Pro tambourine at the Grover Pro Percussion booth at PASIC 2013. YES!!!  German silver jingles in a wooden shell give this instrument a mighty sound.  I am looking forward to adding the Studio Pro to my tambourine arsenal.

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At PASIC 2013, the Interactive Drumming Committee sponsored the Rhythm Lounge.  This late-night drum circle allowed participants to play "lower-volume" percussion in a group improv setting.  I had a fun time hosting the Thursday night Rhythm Lounge.

For information on joining the Percussive Arts Society:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Creating A Percussion Part (Part 2)

Here's my second installment in response to John Homan's recent email (Sept. 9 post):

Transitions between major sections (chorus, verse, bridge, instrumental breaks), key changes, tempo changes, style changes…
  • Will playing during the transition help make the transition more solid and secure or muddy the water?
There may be a variety of timbres available on one instrument that I am considering.
  • Which timbre(s) best suit this music?
What about the rhythmic “hits?”

Should I 
  • play the hits only    or 
  • play time through the hits    or 
  • play time and accent the hits    or
  • steer clear and avoid cluttering?
Logistics affect decisions
  • Can I change instruments and make the transition smoothly?
  • Where is the musically logical point to make the instrument change?
Okay…I have to end with a very right brain yet very appropriate question?
  • What sounds and feels good to play in this song?
      It just might work.